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Our company is very selective in which companies we use or accept authentication from.

To that end, the companies that we use and recommend are limited to a select few. PSA/DNA: JSA: GAI: TRISTAR: STEINER: Athletes themselves who issue documentation.

Are state-of-the-art autograph authentication services developed by Professional Sports Authenticators They use a specially synthesized technology and in person witnessed methods to provide legitimacy to autographed collectibles and helps combat the problem of counterfeits.

Each signature authenticated for authentication has been thoroughly examined by the foremost signature expert in the industry. Life long experience, a nationally recognized reputation, the largest exemplary files in the hobby along with formal training in the field of Forensic Document Examination combine to offer the most reliable services by the companies that we accept are used to identify autograph legitimacy. The Letters of Authenticity, C.O.A.s, Letters of Providence that are generated are guaranteed to be accepted by any major auction house including most national auction houses (Christie's, Mastro Fine Sport, Grey Flannel, Hunt Auctions, etc), dealers, collectors and investors nationwide.

The opinion of these companies are respected throughout the hobby and are the authority when it comes to deeming a signature authentic. When you see one of their seals you can feel confident that you are receiving a genuine 100% Authentic signature.


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